Reddit Post Becoming a Big-Budget Hollywood Movie About Time-Traveling Marines in Ancient Rome

Pitching movie ideas in Hollywood can be hard, if you don't have an agent or any connections. Or you could just post your idea on A posting on the popular social-networking site has been optioned as a movie by Warner Bros.

Top image via Duncan Harris on Flickr.

James Erwin, a two-time Jeopardy winner who posts on Reddit under the name Prufrock451, posted a comment on another user's question: "Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus if I traveled back in time with a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion or MEU?" Erwin posted a super-detailed response in the comments, explaining just how this scenario could unfold, involving the 35th MEU in Kabul, suddenly getting transported back in time and appearing suddenly "in a field outside Rome."


There was so much detail, and excitement, in Erwin's "Rome Sweet Rome" version of the scenario that it caught the attention of Madhouse Entertainment's Adam Kolbrenner, who started working with Erwin to develop the concept into a movie pitch. Kolbrenner then brought the pitch to Warner Bros.' Chris Gary, who encouraged the studio to pick it up.

It's by no means certain that this movie will actually make it to the screens — lots of pitches get optioned, relatively few of those actually become movies. Also, it's already clear that the scenario that Erwin spun out on Reddit won't make it to the big screen as he wrote it on Reddit. Here's the plot synopsis, via Variety:

Pic will follow the Marines as they're flung into the past where they encounter one of the world's most legendary villains and disrupt history. To return home, they have to set history back on the track they altered.

Already, some on Reddit are disappointed by the idea that the Marines have to set history right in order to return home, instead of simply going back in time and killing the Emperor Augustus or generally trashing some Roman legions. It's already becoming a much more conventional storyline than the one Reddit was originally excited about. [Variety and The Daily Dot]

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