Remember how Disney wanted to release a new Star Wars movie every year? According to this list of upcoming Star Wars toylines from Hasbro, they figured out what these movies will be through 2020, and the newest addition is one titled Red Five.

This list reportedly comes from a Hasbro toy event and published by, who Hasbro later asked to take it down, so grain of salt and all.


• 2014: Rebels

• 2015: Episode VII

• 2016: Boba Fett

• 2017: Episode VIII

• 2018: Solo

• 2019: Episode IX

• 2020: Red Five

We've heard plenty of rumors that Disney was planning on making stand-alone Boba Fett and young Han Solo films, so that jibes. But what is Red Five? Could it be about the further X-Wing adventures of Luke Skywalker? Is it just a Disney shareholder-friendly name for a Rogue Squadron-type film? And if Disney's cartoon Rebels makes this list, could Red Five actually be another animated series?


I'm genuinely asking. Because really, Disney could do pretty much anything at this point and I wouldn't be that surprised.

[Via Gamma Squad]