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Brit-com Red Dwarf's return isn't just happening on television; a new ARG based on the show's three-part reunion special has launched, giving you the chance to track down your favorite smegheads for yourself.


Red Dwarf Crashes Into The Internet

The starting place for this new workplace timewaster is Lister's Coming Home, which currently shows a postcard written by Dwarf lead character Dave Lister that apparently hints at the plot for the new mini-series ("How did we get separated on 21st Century Earth?") and leads to Scanning Jupiter, a faux scientific site that includes messages from the other cast members and access to Red Dwarf's ship's log... which offers up this particular video:

While we're not the greatest fans of ARGs here, there's no denying that this one captures the (occasionally crappy) feel of the show, and it is kind of nice to see the familiar faces again...

[Lister's Coming Home] (Thanks to Dave for the video)

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