Recycled Bayhem: Transformers 3 reused a chase scene from The Island

Michael Bay directed both The Island and Transformers 3: Mark of the Spoon, so I guess he's allowed to rejigger a chase sequence from the former for the latter. Watch as Bay's 2005 clone saga becomes stock footage.


I prefer to view this not as a cost-saving measure, but as evidence of Michael Bay trying to put The Island in Transformers canon, sort of like the way the Mazes and Monsters cover art was redrawn after Tom Hanks became famous years later. (Yeah, I realize that analogy made no sense, I just saw a billboard for Larry Crowne.)

Anyway, I betcha there's a nixed Island director's cut of Ewan McGregor turning into some form of funicular transport and Scarlett Johansson evolving into a dirtbike.


[Via Slashfilm]

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Meh. Ridley Scott borrowed spare footage from Stanley Kubrik when he was asked to re-cut Blade Runner one time too many (the overhead shot of them driving off into the sunset was actually filmed for the beginning of The Shining).

This stuff's expensive enough to film without the problem of extras suffering head-injuries - which is what happened here - so I'm not surprised he chose to recycle a sequence like that.

I will say I'm completely blown away by the incredible CGI and compositing on display given that fact though. Kudos to his digital effects crew.