Smart Goggles will totally revolutionize social interaction. When you meet people, instead of struggling to remember their names and other pertinent details, you'll just file the info with your glasses, which will recognize those people next time and display the stored information. How long will it be before someone programs a pair to come up with Terminator-style instruction lists? Just don't get too snarky about your coworkers in the notes your glasses save about them — they're bound to fall into the wrong hands.


So how do Smart Goggles work? It's pretty simple. You have a camera attached to the front, and a super-powerful tiny computer in back, which scans people and runs them through a face-recognition database. It then pulls up any notes you've made, including the person's name and other details. You'll appear to be the master of your social circle. They may also be able to feed you info from the Internet. They're being developed by Tokyo University, which just showed off a prototype.

And oh yeah, they're also being marketed as a way to keep track of your keys, cell phone and other crap that you lose track of. They'll learn to recognize those objects of yours, and then store in their memory when they last saw your keys. In theory, you'll never lose things again. But the potential for easing — and possibly magnifying, if someone else puts on your goggles — social awkwardness. [Register Hardware and InventorSpot]

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