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Reboot Is Getting Rebooted?

Illustration for article titled Reboot Is Getting Rebooted?

Rainmaker Studios, the creators of Reboot, claim to be working on a reboot of this Saturday morning TV show. Update: turns out it's a movie reboot, check out the teaser trailer, Reboot!

[via Topless Robot]


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Evil Tortie's Mom: R.O.A.C.H.

We luuurrrrved this show unreasonably much, esp. for people past 30 when it aired.

Are the original writers involved? Probably not. :(

Hope this prompts the whole series to come out on DVD. The VHS tapes canna hold it much longer, cap'n.

Correction to article: Rainmaker is the current owner of ReBoot, but not the creators. Mainframe Studios were the creators — when the suits went stupid and drove the company into the ground, Rainmaker picked it up for a song.