Tonight at nine, there are two shows about super-mutants. But only one of them is actually fun and character-driven. And the nerd-teen romance between Josh and Andy is the biggest reason I love Kyle XY.

I liked Kyle XY well enough in its first season, but it really took off for me in season two. That's where we first met Jessi, Kyle's psychotic fellow test-tube baby. But season two also introduced Andy, the nerdy girl who p0wns Josh at video games and then steals his heart. There are lots and lots of TV shows about nerds who can't get a date or can't talk to girls, because girls don't understand nerd stuff. And then there's the story of Josh and Andy.


Luckily, a Josh/Andy shipper has compiled every single clip of their scenes together on Youtube. This allows you to get caught up quickly and painlessly, in time to find out whether they're actually going to get married in tonight's episode. (I'm guessing not, since they're only like 16 years old.)

Josh and Andy meet and she "hammers" him on G-Force. Plus, a bathroom encounter:

Andy and Josh geek out about cars:


Andy gives Josh pointers on how to show a girl a good time:

Josh likes Andy OMG!

Andy has cancer!


Andy gets herself a "cancer girl" T-shirt:

OMG their last day together:

I'm skipping over some of the vids, because there's a lot. Josh and Andy go to Mama Trager for relationship counseling:


Kyle cures Andy's cancer!

Andy wants to pay for prom:

Prom nite! Andy's lesbian moms hate makeup, so she goes to Lori for a makeover. Meanwhile, will Josh lose his virginity???



The aftermath:

Sadly, the videos seem to stop there, so you don't get to see the whole subplot where Andy and Josh turn Jessi's apartment into a party pad for debauched teenagers in exchange for cash. Or the ongoing thing about Andy moving to Cleveland. It looks like the "Josh proposes to Andy" thing is happening in tonight's episode. OMGsquee!


Oh, and obligatory disclaimer: Yes, it's on ABC Family, and it's a sometimes heartwarming show with occasional family values mixed in with the lesbian moms and teen sex. And no, I'm not saying it's the best show on TV. Just, you know... better than Heroes.