Reaper Might Actually Survive On SyFy...Or Somewhere Else

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One Reaper actress's Twitter page was all, well, atwitter yesterday with the news that the canceled CW show was 90% certain to find new life on SyFy. Or maybe somewhere else. Still, Reaper's resurrection chances seem to be improving.


Jenny Wade, who plays the demon Nina on the show, caught the attention of fans desperate for news on the show's future yesterday, with the following series of tweets:

will let u know what i know when i know it which will b any min now-but its lookin VERY happy 4Reaps! (could my agnt b n e slowr rite now?!)

ok, don't get too excited, guys. i don't wanna ruin christmas for ya. we'll know by the end of the day, though. xo

OKAY*deepbreath* y'all, from the most crdible sources i have, REAPER is a GO on SciFi. No official wrd til tomorrow, tho! lookin like 90%...

soo…now hearing it's NOT SciFi. i HATE hearing lil pieces ata time, as i'm sure u do, so til i c a contract, i will let it be.

Her status updates are now locked, so that's all the information we have to work with for the time being. I'm not completely sure how the most credible sources she has - which may or may not be her agent - could suddenly switch which cable channel is supposedly picking up Reaper. (Crazy theory: she was told "it's NOT SciFi" because executives there are taking this whole SyFy rebranding thing a little too seriously.)

Whatever the particulars, this has to be considered positive news for Reaper, although it sounds like concrete details are still a ways away (even if an official announcement was supposedly imminent). It also remains unclear what this might mean for showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, who despite signing an exclusive deal with 20th Century Fox have said they would be involved in a third season, or for Sock, as actor Tyler Labane will be starring on Fox's new sitcom Sons of Tucson.

For now, we'll just have to be content with upgrading the possibility of a Reaper renewal from idle speculation to wild, unsubstantiated rumors. That's almost something.




There are a great many conflicting reports at this point. Here is what we know:

1. ABC/Disney sent a letter to the CW affiliates stating that Reaper was sold to cable, and it (most likely) is not available for purchase.

2. SciFi and SpikeTV have both denied picking up Reaper.

As to that, things are getting wacky. Jenny's numerous twitters yesterday indicate she got word Reaper *was* sold. She was very excited, and over a period of a couple of hours. So that indicates to me that *initially* word came out as a Good Thing.

However, today we are getting reports that Reaper may be canceled, and Tyler has left the show - despite his numerous protestations around the internet lately that "I love Reaper, I'm tied to Reaper, I would kill to go back to Reaper".

We are STILL advocating writing - especially to ABC, and especially if you want the show to continue even without Tyler. We know that the CW affiliates want the show, and region has even told us they would buy the show Tyler or no Tyler.

For ALL of the information, and the most up-to-the-minute information, please visit us at ReaperDMV.