Reality TV Villains And Their Science Fiction Inspirations

Reality TV is truly a terrible, terrible thing. But every once in a while it produces a gem of a character that makes you want to scream with either disgust or delight. When you think of reality TV, these are usually the people you think of: the villains. But even their made-for-TV scheming and diabolical plans have always been done before, and by the masters. Many of the best reality TV trainwrecks can be traced back to a science fiction predecessor.


Reality Villain: Heidi And Spencer (The Hills)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: Dame Vaako and Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick)

Would it really surprise any of you if Heidi and Spencer revealed they were Necromongers? Heidi and Spencer seem just as hell-bent on taking over mainstream media as Dame Vaako and her creepy husband are about ruling the underverse. And at the same time I never really understand what either of them are talking about, ever. Truly these couples deal with a power darker than I shall ever comprehend.

Reality Villain: Johnny Fairplay (Survivor)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: The Smiler (Transmetropolitan)

Scary villains come in small packages, just like Johnny Fairplay and The Smiler, they both know how to feed the masses whatever they want to hear so they can do their evil deeds behind everyone's back. Let's not forget Johnny's fabled lying about the death of a loved one so he could advance in the Survivor game. Which strikes similar to the web of B.S. The Smiler spun in Transmetropolitan to get elected, including building a clone or murdering his own wife and children to regain the popular vote. So in the end they both lie like dogs and rely heavily on the sympathy vote.


Reality Villain: Danny Bonaduce (Breaking Bonaduce)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: Cesar Romero's The Joker

Because they are both completely bat-shit crazy. Have you seen Bonaduce's reality TV show? I've never seen a more self absorbed psycho path in my life. It was like watching Cesar Romero in Batman because you had no clue what he was going to do next. Would he go on a rage and stab everyone in the room, or laugh himself into hysterics, both psycho. I used to not be able to watch Cesar Romero's Joker when I was young because he was so scary. The same goes for Bonaduce.


Reality Villain: Puck (The Real World: San Francisco)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: Sewer King (Batman: The Animated Series)

They both love living in filth. The Sewer King leads a band of children pickpockets, while Puck is a giant child thief. They're both ridiculous, unnecessary and addicted to silly flair (staff, guitars, bikes, pipes etc.).


Reailty Villain: Omarosa (The Apprentice)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: Lex Luthor (Superman)

They're both obsessed with being respected and surrounded by money, yet neither of them deserve your respect nor make any efforts to gain it the right way. Lex tries to kill most of the people in America in order to get rich and become our leader, while O needs to win the respect of Donald Trump, so she resorts to crazy fake crying — but insists she's still a feared and respected businesswoman. Both hilariously evil characters depend entirely on flashy actions and out-of-this-world logic. Also, worst fashion taste in villain history, be it a white fur coat made out of tails, or an ill-fitting toupe.


Reailty Villain: Richard Hatch (Survivor)

Scifi Villain Inspiration: Kraven the Hunter

Besides the obvious physical similarities, they both love to get naked and act like animals, stalking their prey. Richard's big game was the Survivor millions, and he let nothing get in his way of getting it, while Kraven's is Spidey. Both of these guys act like complete animals in order to get what they want.


With additional reporting by Andrew Hudson

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