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Last night on Bravo's Work of Art, the reality series commissioned a pack of artists to redesign the book covers of a few genre classics, from Frankenstein to the Time Machine. A few interpretations were just brilliant. Take a look!


The reality show Work of Art follows the same procedure as past shows of this type: Contestants are given a challenge. If they're not up to snuff they're told that their art "didn't work" for the judges. Then they promptly pack their brushes etc. and go. While there was a bit of squabbling on set about the commercialism of this particular task, we love it when big companies, such as Penguin books, give new artists a chance.

Personally, we thought Miles' wirey burned DNA strand take on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was the best, and looked the most like a book cover we'd pick up. But John's H. G. Wells' Time Machine interpretation was pretty inventive as well, and I guess Miles can't win all of the competitions. We've collected the best of the genre entries in this gallery.


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