Reality Sucks (With Good Reason) for Futuristic Gamers in Short Pandora's Box

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Virtual, or La Caja de Pandora (translation: Pandora’s Box), packs an awful lot of video-game theatrics, grimy real-world atmospherics, and fiery special effects into 15 minutes—no wonder creator Daniel Hernández Torrado, an avowed lover of science fiction and video games, had dreams of making it into a feature film.


The Kickstarter may not have made its goal this time, but that may change if more eyeballs get a load of the short.

Here’s the official description:

In a future decadent world where the humankind has taken refuge in virtual reality to live their dreams and adventures as the real world falls apart. A professional player of the Laserball league is disqualified during the game and forced to be disconnected for a few hours. Returning to the real world, he is reunited with his father. The clash between their realities reopens old wounds.


Laserball, y’all. Find out more at the film’s webpage, and see the short for yourself below:

[First Showing via Quiet Earth]

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Feh, RL (Real Life) is a real bitch of a game anyways. You have to grind for everything, there's no respawn. The RNG is all over the place, and it seems to be stuck on hardcore survival mode only. The physics engine is just brutal but the graphics are nice though.