Reality mirrors art: real-life superhero Civil War goes down in Stamford, CT

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In Marvel Comics' 2006 miniseries Civil War, unruly superheroes brawl in Stamford, Connecticut, and Captain America and Spider-Man consequently fight each other. This Halloween, an unruly Captain America and Spider-Man were arrested for brawling in Stamford. It's all coming true!

In Civil War, a disastrous superhero battle in Stamford leads to the passing of the controversial Superhuman Registration Act. Spider-Man and Captain America are initially on opposite sides of the debate and end up clobbering each other. Strangely enough, a similar turn of events went down on Halloween. From The Stamford Advocate:

Police officials say officers responded to a fight in the Bell Street parking garage early Sunday morning and found a man dressed as Captain America holding a man on the ground and punching him, Assistant Police Chief Jon Fontneau said.

The fight was reported 1:33 a.m. Sunday by a parking garage employee. It began when a 25-year-old wearing a Captain America costume got into an argument that turned physical with the father of a Stamford man who turned 21 Sunday, police Lt. Elizabeth Erickson said. [...The man's son] wore the Spider-Man outfit and allegedly punched [Cap] as police tried to break up the scuffle.


Furthermore, police reported that Spider-Man's girlfriend (who "faces a single count of breach of peace") was dressed as Poison Ivy, but that doesn't make a lick of sense. No, Poison Ivy is a Batman villain from the DC Universe; Spider-Man and Cap are Marvel. The Stamford Police are obviously covering up a cross-dimensional caper, but we've seen right through their facade.

Thanks goes to whistleblower Faustic_Caust!

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You laugh now, but when the Green Goblin/John Boehner (actually he's kinda orange) replaces the Department of Homeland Security with HAMMER I'll be on my way to Canada.

(This is a joke, so let me throw out a preemptive "calm the fuck down" to anyone who takes this seriously.)