Realistic animatronic eyeball will wig you out

It's been a big week for mechanical disembodied eyeballs. First there was the office Eye of Sauron; now there's this squirm-inducing cyber-eye built by Dan Thomson of Visionary Effects. It's looking pretty bloodshot, being disconnected from a skull and whatnot.


[Via Neatorama]

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What's often bothered me about early animatronics is how the eyes tended to roll instead of dart. Eyes always dart, it's a very rare situation where an eye smoothly rolls as it looks around.

And yet, right in the middle of that period, is the scene in The Dark Crystal where Aughra takes her eye out of her head, and it darts around in her fingers exactly accurately.

Now, especially since they've learned a lot from digital eye tracking, they seem to get it right more often.