I learned something from Real World last night. There are zombie magazines, and destroying them makes you like Hitler. While the comparison's a stretch, I can relate to the anger. What type of attention-deprived beast would destroy something so precious?

Meet Bronnie, he's the "funny guy" on MTV's Real World Cancun. You know that "I wear totally hilarious t-shirts" wacky fella. But I like him, because he has knowledge of something I don't: zombie magazines. Dear Bronnie, where can we find these mags? And bless you for bringing the existence of said magazines to light.

But anyways, evil, vile attention-starved Emily decides to trample all over these delightful magazines because she is everything that is wrong with the world. So Bronnie gets in and sees his violated genre mags he gets mad. Real mad, but not at first. He goes outside to think about it, and then comes back and calls Emily Hitler. Too much? While I'm not silly enough to compare something as serious as the appeasement of Hitler to a drunken cry for attention, I still hope she gets montezuma's revenge from a faulty test tube shot at Senior Frogs.


Later Bronnie made an actual zombie movie. And I must warn you, it's really terrible. Really terrible. But as someone who has also been seriously bored and made awful "I thought this was funny at the time" videos as well, I can almost condone it and applaud the very tiny effort made. But what does that say when you're the least horrible person from the Real World Cancun cast? Enjoy....


Thanks to Kat for the heads up.

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