Real Steel's Dystopian Future Won't Stop Hugh Jackman From Taking His Shirt Off

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Real Steel's future world is tired of human boxers, so they turn to fighting robots. But even though it's a gritty, post-industrial dystopia, director Shawn Levy promises it'll have a lot of heart, and a shirtless Hugh Jackman. Spoilers ahead.


While working the red carpet for his movie Date Night, we grabbed director Shawn Levy for a few seconds to talk about his upcoming robot-boxing film Real Steel. We already know it might be a little like Rocky and that it's not based on the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Game, as some have claimed — but what else can the director tell us about his new futuristic film? Will Hugh Jackman be showing some skin? Because it's not really a dystopia if you have shirtless Hugh.


You're known for your lighter fare and and your comedies but what can we expect in Real Steel?

My first non-comedy. Hopefully super commercial and warm hearted, but it's a father-son drama, starring Hugh Jackman. There's boxing robots. It's incredibly cool. Really, really touching and rousing and very much a change of pace.

What kind of future are we looking at, a clean future, a dirty future, a dystopian future?

Definitely dystopian, definitely post-industrial and bleak. But in this landscape, you have this father/son story that is very, very affirmative and uplifting.


And will Hugh have his shirt off as much as this as he does in his X-Men movies and in Australia?

I'll be sure to get his shirt off, but no I can't definitely can't compete with Wolverine. But I promise to [have him] take it off at least once.


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Sounds a lot like the Twilight Zone ep Steel starring Lee Marvin.