Seattle's Phoenix Jones has long been the face of the real-life superhero movement, what with his secret headquarters and GQ magazine profile. However, the hero's vigilante tactics have landed him on the wrong side of the law. Phoenix Jones: MAN OR MENACE?


Explains King 5:

The woman, identified only as Maria, says she was with a group of about 15 friends early Sunday morning, near Western and Columbia, when a masked man, known as Phoenix Jones, ran up and pepper sprayed them.

"He says, 'I'm a superhero' and sprays everyone," she said. "Nothing gives him a right to do that. That's harassment and assault."

She says when she saw her friends shielding their eyes, she instinctively grabbed her shoe and started hitting Jones, identified in police reports as Benjamin John Francis Fodor [...]


Jones has posted shaky footage of the incident, which was filmed by one of his colleagues/documentarians/dudes he hangs out with. According to the twentysomething-year-old crimefighter, he was breaking up a brawl and hasn't been charged with a crime. Nonetheless, this widely publicized incident should set back Jones' war on the scum of Seattle. But will it affect the Washington state Deadpool?

[Via Bleeding Cool — hat tip to Ryernl]


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