Real-life Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones thwarts carjacker

Phoenix Jones, the masked defender of downtown Seattle and member of the Rain City Superhero squad, deterred a carjacker in Lynnwood, Washington last Sunday. Check out Jones' thug-fighting bodysuit and his secret lair in a comic book shop. Updated.


UPDATE BUMMER: The Lynnwood Police Department is disputing if this actually happened.

[Spotted on Bleeding Cool. Thanks for the update, Ryerni!]

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Corpore Metal

If they stay within the laws, protect themselves and always cooperate with police and call in professional help before, during and after their attempts at citizen's arrest it's no different from than any other citizen's arrest or intervention in crime.

But wearing a flashy suit and posing on camera like this is just asking for trouble.

I think that part of the reason why citizen's arrest and crime pervention works is anonymity and surprise, the criminals don't know who's watching them, who might attempt to catch them or who might turn them in. The supersuit completely runs counter to that.

And if this young man gets shot or badly beat up one day, it's going to be sad.

Also, if any of these guys have a screw lose and go all Travis Bickle or Bernard Goetz on us, well, then they become the criminals.