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Real-Life Plague May Delay The Second Season Of BBC's Survivors

Illustration for article titled Real-Life Plague May Delay The Second Season Of BBCs Survivors

Newspapers are reporting the BBC may hold off airing season two of The Survivors, the remake of Terry Nation's plague-apocalypse show... because of swine flu. It's "a little too close to reality," say delusional execs.


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Oh please. H1N1, AKA the swine flu is a flu. It's not the worst fears of an Ebola-like virus devastating our population, it's a damned flu. It will claim some lives, just like any new strain of flu would, but the world will emerge alright and we probably will not lament the 'winter of 2009' as the night humanity got cut in half by a ravaged flu as some epic disaster.

I'd expect this sort of ridiculous over-reaction from American Network execs, but I credited the BBC with a little more common sense. I guess it's a relief that they're as silly as ours!