Real-life fruit ninja slices watermelons by throwing playing cards

Ye Tongxin has cultivated an unusual talent, one that probably best qualifies him as a video game character or a Bond villain's henchman. He throws plastic playing cards with such speed and accuracy that he can slice into various types of fruit.


Other card throwers can slice soft fruit like cucumbers, but Ye is sufficiently skilled that his cards can find their way into tougher fruits like apples and melons. He claims that his cards travel at 360kph, meaning that you wouldn't want to get in his projectiles' path. He's currently shooting for the Guinness World Record in fruit slicing, which would require him to cut through 19 cucumbers in under a minute, using nothing but his dangerous deck of cards. That kind of destruction would be much easier if he could infuse a little of Gambit's exploding power into each of those bits of plastic.

World's Deadliest Card Player Slices Fruits and Vegetables with Plastic Playing Cards [Oddity Central]

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Fall Hammer

Didn't they try this on Mythbusters and that didn't work out too well