In a move seemingly out of the most boring fan fiction ever, Darth Vader and French Daft Punk have teamed up, not to conquer the universe...but to sell footwear.

In a commercial for Adidas' upcoming Star Wars-inspired Original Line, Sith Lord Darth Vader and robotic house music legends Daft Punk descend on a street full of revelers to sell the the universe's finest clodhoppers. For some reason, they are flanked by their presumed bounty hunters, David Beckham and Snoop Dogg.


Why does a dream team-up like this have to happen under totally crass circumstances? This is like buying a ticket to Chewbacca Meets Freddie Mercury: 3D and belatedly discovering it's a 90-minute advertisement for Fig Newtons.

[Via SciFi Wire. Photo via Flickr.]

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