Real Estate Experts Value Goku’s House At Way Over 9,000

So, how much would the home of Dragon Ball's hero be worth on today's market? It's got nothing to do with power levels. As this infographic reveals, as with all houses, it's about size and location.

Over at the Movoto Blog ("The Lighter Side of Real Estate"), David Cross applied some creative thinking to determine the precise dimensions of Goku's property. His first idea was to extrapolate from Goku's height, but he couldn't find an image of the character actually standing in his home. However:

"I did, however, manage to locate an image of Goku's wife, Chi-Chi, standing in front of a door frame. As everyone's knowns, Chi-chi is 5 feet 4 inches tall (thanks Internet!). I then eyeballed a height for the door. My best guess is that it's about 6 feet tall. I used this figure to make my best assumption as to the size of the house. In the end, I estimated Goku's house is only about 330 square feet."


Cross was able to derive data on location, based on the fact that our hero lives just outside Mount Paozu, which is a fictional stand-in for Mount Huaguo.

Current market value? $42,900.

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James Myint

Nearly $43,000 for 330 square feet. My garden shed is a third of that size.