Watch the DARPA Robotics Challenge live here at io9

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The world's most advanced robots are battling it out in Florida this week to see which one is best suited to hit the scene when disaster strikes. You can watch the live stream right here.

The trials are being held Friday and Saturday at the Homestead Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida. Robot prototypes are set to face a challenging course consisting of eight tasks to evaluate their perception, autonomous decision-making, mobility, dexterity and strength — all the traits robots will need if they're to work in disaster scenarios.


More at DARPA.

Top image: NASA's Valkyrie.



"Robotics... challenge?"

Ah, this is how the machines will rise up. They'll sicken of the deathmatches their bloodthirsty human overlords wring them through and join forces to overthrow them! SPARTACUS!