If there’s any character that sums up the extreme extravagance of Rob Liefield’s über-90s art style, it was his most famous creation: Deadpool. Bulging muscles, an amusingly fantastical grasp of anatomy, and enough pockets to hold the universe. But now the artist is returning to the merc’ with a mouth once more!

Exclusively revealed by Comicbook.com today, Deadpool: Bad Blood will be a new entry in Marvel’s burgeoning Original Graphic Novel line, and marks the first time that Liefield has worked on the character since 2010’s Deadpool Corps. Liefield will work with the creative team behind X-Men ‘92, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, to realise a Deadpool story the writer/artist has wanted to write for years:

This is literally a story I’ve wanted to share for the last twenty years. I actually started drawing pages of it out in my notebook back around 2007, it’s something I do when I get ideas, artistically riffing, so the idea that I’m actually seeing the story and the pages come to life is a thrill! I don’t want to give anything away, I’m just trying to add something memorable to the canon.


Liefield mentions that the adventure will not just be about Deadpool, but include a plethora of cameos and appearances by the host of characters he helped create at Marvel during his multiple tenures with the company.

Since no artists were announced for the novel, presumably Liefield will provide art as well as writing for the OGN. Check out the cover in full below:

Those familiar with Liefield’s most infamous work will probably be surprised at the restraint show here. There’s only like, 9 pockets on display here! That might as well be none.

Deadpool: Bad Blood will be available next year.


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