We may not actually be able see the harrowing chase that pitted a theropod against a sauropod over 110 million years ago. But — thanks to this 3D model reconstructing what happened — we can at least get a pretty good view of the aftermath.

Though the real action happened millions of years ago, the story of the model begins not so very far back, in 1940.


After the tracks (some of the most complete ever found) were excavated in Texas by Roland T Bird, they were divided. Some of the tracks went to the Texas Memorial Museum, some made their way to the American Museum of Natural History where Bird was a paleontologist, and some were lost.

Before the tracks were divided, however, Bird took a series of photographs depicting the full trackway. Those photos turned out to be pivotal almost 75 years later, when Peter Falkingham of the Royal Veterinary College used them as a guide in putting together the model, reconstructing how the tracks appeared when they were first uncovered.


You can read more about the reconstruction process in the full study over at PLOS ONE.