Ready Player One First Footage is a Spectacular Cornucopia of Pop Culture References

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube
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Steven Spielberg came to San Diego Comic-Con Saturday to reveal the first footage from Ready Player One, the film adaptation of Ernie Cline’s scifi, nostalgia filled book. And the footage delivered big, sweeping, pop culture fun.


One of the biggest questions surrounding the movie is the look of the Oasis and the trailer shows that in spade. Lots of colors, laser, and PLENTY of pop culture references. Can you pick them all out? Akira, Iron Giant, Back to the Future, Nightmare On Elm Street, and so much more.

That final scene, that big race, is not in the book. That suggests the film is going to take a drastic turn from the original book.

Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan as Wade, a young man who physically in giant stacks of trailers but prefers to mentally live in the Oasis, a massive virtual reality internet. When the Oasis’ creator dies, he starts a worldwide treasure hunt for control of his massive company and Wade, along with several other people, devote their life to the game. A game that is solely based on their intimate knowledge of popular culture.

The film opens March 30.

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The reputation if the book had me keeping my distance already, but that headline has me running for the hills. Ugh.