Can You Drink Too Much Water?

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Ah, water! Drink enough, many insist, and be rewarded with beauty and health. Avoid it and your fate is to dry slowly onto the sidewalk, a dehydrated husk, doomed to watch sadly as wiser, better hydrated friends leave you behind. But how much water is too much water?


You can indeed drink too much water, explains the American Chemical Society in the video below, though that amount is exceptionally hard to come by and certainly not one that you would drink by accident. For a person who weighs 165 pounds, for instance, they would have to consume an incredible six liters.

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Josh Young

A friend's father had a kidney stone a couple years ago, and the doctor told him it was because he didn't drink enough water. Determined to never get another kidney stone again, he drank so much water that got "water poisoning." My friend was prone to, shall we say, exaggeration, so I did research to see if water poisoning was a thing. Turns out it screws up your electrolyte balance. It doesn't prove that it happened, I guess. I never did ask his dad. But knowing his dad, I can see him going for the gusto and drinking that much water.