Read Up On The History Of The Rebel Legion Costuming Group

You might have heard of the 501st Legion, but did you know they have a sister group which focuses entirely on the ‘Good Guys’ of Star Wars? The Rebel Legion celebrates 15 years of costuming this year, and over on the official Star Wars site, Donna Keeley, the commanding officer of the group, starts off a history of the Rebels.

Back when Albin Johnson was growing the 501st, many of the newly-formed garrisons of the Legion had space for those who wanted to show off their Rebel costumes along with their Imperial ones. These sections were referred to as Rebel Scum. However, in early 2000, the 501st Stormtrooper Legion as a whole voted to keep the group Imperials only. After the vote, members Tony “Double T” Troxell, Richard “Mookie” Fairbrother, Ed “Reaper” O’Connell, Ken “Lumwyrm” Ograyensek, and Doug “TK501″ Fesko began working on a Rebels-only group. In December 2000, Troxell posted an announcement with the title “Rebellion formed against the Empire,” with a link to an EZBoard site for enlisting Rebel costumers. The Imperials had been warned.


The Rebel Legion often works alongside the 501st Legion, and they’ve grown to include over 4000 members since 2000. Read the full, first part of this ongoing series over on

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