Read the first two chapters of Greg Bear's next Halo novel right now!

Illustration for article titled Read the first two chapters of Greg Bears next emHalo/em novel right now!

Greg Bear returns to the Halo universe with Primordium, out next week. But you don't have to wait until then to start delving into Bear's second installment in the Forerunner Saga. has the first chapter of Primordium, and the second chapter is live over at Halo Waypoint.


Here's a snippet:

What am I, really?

A long time ago, I was a living, breathing human being. I went mad. I served my enemies. They became my only friends.

Since then, I've traveled back and forth across this galaxy, and out to the spaces between galaxies-a greater reach than any human before me.

You have asked me to tell you about that time. Since you are the true Reclaimers, I must obey. Are you recording? Good. Because my memory is failing rapidly. I doubt I'll be able to finish the story.

Once, on my birth-world, a world I knew as Erde-Tyrene, and which now is called Earth, my name was Chakas. . . .


Keep reading over at and Halo Waypoint.

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James Whitbrook

This will probably be the first Halo book I don't pick up after struggling through the first few chapters of Cryptum. The way Bear writes, and this is probably a side effect of the weird Forerunner conventions established already, it was incredibly hard to figure out what was going on, who the characters were, and at some point who was saying what.

It was just too full of 'look at this made up lingo, isn't it soooo sci-fi!?' bits, and so removed from what I enjoy about the Halo universe, that I just couldn't get into it.