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The horror movie that launched our Zombie Feminism rant Deadgirl is back, sort of. The proposed sequel, Deadgirl 2, never got off the ground, but screenwriter Trent Haaga has released the entire screenplay online. How's it different? Well, instead of a hungry pack of teenage boys discovering the bound, zombiefied lady locked away, a girl finds her.

Hagga explains his actions on his site:

I always saw the original DEADGIRL as a condemnation of misogyny as opposed to being misogynous - the boys were the monsters, not the "monster" of the title. But a lot of people didn't see it that way. My idea for the sequel was to try and tell a story from the point of view of a female outcast and what would happen if she found the DEADGIRL this time ... instead of using the DEADGIRL for the impetus of her sexual fantasies, what if she used the DEADGIRL for her revenge fantasies instead? I also wanted to put the story back into the "really small rural town" where the first one was supposed to take place (we shot the first movie in Los Angeles and while it looks a lot like "anytown," it didn't capture that economic desperation that I was hoping for ... desperation that would have added to the boys bizarre and angry choices). What I ended up writing could maybe be described as "Precious meets The Pit with a zombie attack dog."

Maybe this movie would have sucked. Maybe people would have loved it. Who knows? It wouldn't have hurt to at least try, but alas it wasn't to be.

... So as a special treat to my fans and blog readers and the fans of the first DEADGIRL, I've decided to let everyone who's interested take a look at the un-produced screenplay. My wife, among others, is like, "Why would you do something like that? What if the project comes back to life? Why don't you just change the title and see if you can make it anyway?" I dunno ... for me, the work has already been done and to have it just sit on a shelf collecting dust seems unfair to the story. I've basically moved on to other things. I would only make this story if it was DEADGIRL 2. It's the only way that it would make sense for me (although, to be fair, the story could easily be sold as something else - the DEADGIRL herself is the only returning character). And that's just not going to happen.


To download the entire thing, head over to Haaga's website and let us know what you think.

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