Want to explore some strange new worlds that are genuinely new? Then you’re in luck—because Wilde Stories: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction has just been published!

Contributor Craig Laurance Gidney posted the table of contents, which includes some of our favorite LGBT authors—including former io9 contributor Katharine Duckett! Here’s the full TOC:

“The Love of the Emperor Is Divine” by Tom Cardamone
“The Vampire of Xanthos” by Andrew Warburton
“The True Alchemist” by Sonya Taaffe
“The Mortuaries” by Katharine Duckett
“What Glistens Back” by Sunny Moraine
“Passion, Like a Voice—That Buds” by Steve Berman
“True North” by Chaz Brenchley
“The Oily Man” by Alex Jeffers
“Werewolves of Northland” by Patrick Pink
“Notes for ‘The Barn in the Wild’” by Paul Tremblay
“Conjuring Shadows” by Craig L. Gidney
“The God Within” by Damien Kelly
“A Gift in Time” by Maggie Clark


Check the whole thing out here for just $7: