In between promoting The Avengers, finishing up Much Ado About Nothing, and working on his next projects, Joss Whedon took time out to write a handful of comedic skits for the 20th anniversary celebration of Equality Now, including one that asks: are time-traveling robots responsible for sexism?

Sadly, no video of the sketches has appeared online, but Vulture kindly transcribed one of them, performed by Daphne Zuniga (who is currently on One Tree Hill, but will always be Spaceballs' Princess Vespa in my heart) with the Upright Citizen Brigade's Neil Casey. Eliza Dushku performed a skit in which she played a an undocumented immigrant forced into prostitution and Laura Linney one about female genital mutilation (I'm really curious to see how Whedon made that funny). As to whether time-traveling robots did cause sexism, the answer appears to be "No, why would they?"

Evil Robot: Ouch! Ouch! What, you think I can't feel? Okay, here's the plan. The plan is to pit one half of the human population against the other, so robots can take over the land ... and the jet packs.
Zuniga: Really? Really?
Evil Robot: That's the plan.
Zuniga: You think humans will go for this?
Evil Robot: They'll love it. There will be oppression, there will be bloodshed ...
Zuniga: Starting now?
Evil Robot: Starting now.
Zuniga: So you're going to create the inequality between the sexes?
Evil Robot: Between the what?
Zuniga: Wow, you're tripping me out. You're going to invent the oppression of women?
Evil Robot: No, no, where are you getting this from? That would be insane. Random. Why would men hate women? Men need women. They literally need each other. Why would men hate women? That's nuts. They can't reproduce on an assembly line like we can ... which in my opinion is way hotter.


Read the rest of the skit at Vulture, via Whedonesque.