Read Hayao Miyazaki first printed manga, 1969's People of the Desert

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Before he wowed the world with his animated films, Spirited Away director Hayao Miyazaki worked in manga, and his first printed work was the 26-chapter People of the Desert (Sabaku no Tami).


Says The Ghibli Blog's Daniel Thomas MacInnes of the work:

This is, in fact, Miyazaki's first manga to appear in print. During this time, Miyazaki is working at Toei Doga as one of their top animators and idea men. Led by Isao Takahata, the animators had finally finished the long and grueling production of Horus, Prince of the Sun, the landmark anime that was very much a statement film by the Toei union. The serious and adult themes would continue to inspire the young Miyazaki on his first original manga serial in 1969, Sabaku no Tami.


You can read the full translated comic at The Ghibli Blog.

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My ranked Miyazaki list:

1. Nausicaa

2. Spirited Away

3. Howl's Moving Castle

4. Totoro tied with Princess Mononoke

5. Castle of Cagliostro

6. Castle In the Sky

7. Ponyo

I still have not watched Kiki's or Porco Rosso.