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Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Image: John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books Creatures of Charm and Hunger
Creatures of Charm and Hungerio9 is happy to present Molly Tanzer’s latest book Creatures of Charm and Hunger in its entirety during June 2020. Chapters will be serialized daily with the second half of the book removed from our site on July 7. Read it while you can!

Two years ago, io9 shared author Molly Tanzer’s Victorian fantasy novel Creatures of Will & Temper in serialized excerpts. And now we’ve got good news for fans of the author, not to mention fans of free books: We’re doing it again, with her newest title! Check out chapter sixteen today.


Here’s the link to the prologue where it all starts. All following chapters can be easily found here.

We hope you had the chance to read Creatures of Charm and Hunger while it was up in its entirety. If not, you can read the first half starting here or order it from your local bookseller.


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