Read a Heartwrenching Superman Story From Action Comics #1000 Right Now

Superman as he appears in Action Comics #1000's Of Tomorrow.
Superman as he appears in Action Comics #1000's Of Tomorrow.
Image: Clay Mann, Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

DC Comics’ celebratory anthology for Action Comics’ 1000th issue doesn’t hit shelves until next month, but you can prepare yourself right now with one of the stories from the issue. And by prepare, I actually mean get punched right in the gut with some emotions.

As a special preview for the issue, DC has released Tom King, Clay Mann, Jordie Bellaire, and John Workman’s short story Of Tomorrow to view through its online reader. It’s only five pages long, and it’s absolutely worth your time. Its deceptively simple tale follows Superman to the ends of the Earth, revealing a moment that is both incredibly touching and also a lovingly earnest portrayal of Clark Kent.

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Action Comics #1000 will also include contributions from a host of DC luminaries, including Dan Jurgens, Peter J. Tomasi, Pat Gleason, and Marv Wolfman; it will also be the official DC debut of Brian Michael Bendis, the prolific Marvel writer who jumped ship to DC with an exclusive contract revealed last year. But if any of their stories come even close to the touching scene depicted in Of Tomorrow, Superman fans are in for a very special treat when Action Comics #1000 hits shelves April 18.

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Fuck. It may just have been a long day, or the family ailments bringing it out, but that has me near-bawling.

Man, Tom King is just excellent, huh? (Not to diminish the terrific work done by the others involved, but between this and the Vision miniseries, King is looking superb lately.)