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Star Wars Uncut is calling all Star Wars-fanatics to unleash their film-making skills on A New Hope... but in 15-second increments. It's kind of brilliant — in a fantastic disaster-waiting-to-happen-that-we-wish-we'd-thought-of-first way.


Star Wars Uncut has divided up A New Hope into 472 15-second clips and distributed it out to the fans. Each segment will then be re-created by the masses. It's "Sweding" taken to its craziest extreme. At the end, all the submitted clips will be laced together to bring you one glorious fan-created montage from the toys, basements and desktops of Star Wars lovers.


As of right now, all of the scenes have been spoken for — but worry not, if the re-editor hasn't submitted their spot in 30 days, the scene will be back up for grabs.

Some of the re-edits are already up. Check these out:

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Star Wars Uncut - Scene 043 from Rene Walter on Vimeo.

Very clever idea. We can't wait to see the whole thing after the final re-edit.

Photo from Worth 1000.


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