Remember those rare cases of down-and-out souls getting loaded off of snake bites? Well, it looks like cobra venom has gone mainstream for a certain demographic of Indian partygoer.


India Today reports that Delhi police have busted snake smugglers who were corralling serpents to sell off their deadly saliva. Authorities recovered four cobras and half-a-liter of venom, which was to be sold at Valentine's Day raves. Because, you know, nothing screams "day of romance" like ingesting reptile toxins:

According to police, venom and snake bites are preferred by drug addicts at raves these days. They suspected that the four cobras were being smuggled to bite junkies. Police said this new found drug is popular in Delhi raves. Snake bite thus joins morphine, cocaine and the rest as a sort of exotic stimulant [...]

"Cobras are killed in large numbers and their venom is smuggled to Delhi and [The National Capital Region] to be used in rave parties for doping purposes, [People For Animals activist Gaurav] Gupta added.


Poor cobras. What the hell does one even listen to while getting high on snakes? Dubstep remixes of Venom? Tiësto versus Cold Slither mash-ups?

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[Via Arbroath]

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