Raunchy webcomic “Oglaf” blends low humor and high fantasy

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Oglaf. It's the webcomic that unleashes the full, perverted potential of the high fantasy genre – the perfect comic for anyone who likes their dick jokes with a side of swords and sexually frustrating sorcery.

First, a word of warning: Oglaf is extremely, extraordinarily NSFW. There's the occasional SFW installment, but if the sight of full wang offends you, then you might want to hold off until next week's webcomic.

If, however, you're not offended by wang, boob, or the occasional bout of enchanted semen, Oglaf is worth a peek, if not a weekly pilgrimage (new comics each Sunday). Trudy Cooper spins clever jokes around such fantasy tropes as he-man barbarians, fountains of youth, enchanted body parts, shapeshifters, and interspecies romance, often with a sexy twist. So there are plenty of mystical sex toys, bedroom injuries with a literal ice queen, and gooey bodily fluids. This all could easily turn off-putting and gross, but, with a few exceptions, Cooper walks that fine line between good-natured sex joke and outright wrongness, and her stunning artwork finds the funniest angle on every possible act.


There are a few recurring plotlines in Oglaf, but the main plot stars Ivan, who is apprenticed to the world's most sadistic (and scantily-clad) sorceress. His life is constant torment, forbidden by his mistress to masturbate (any issue of his onanistic acts gleefully springs to life to tattle on him), taunted by her all-female guard, and constantly fending off the advances of a male ambassador. He's that uncanny blend of a character you root for even as you love to watch him suffer. Ivan's also a story that accounts for some of Cooper's more brilliant innovations – from the seminal sprites of the comic's earliest pages to the fatal hilarity of the Arrow of Regret.

[Oglaf (NSFW)]


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I was going to inquire about a reasonable jumping-on point, as today's featured comic seems to be rather... in medias res

but now the site is down. Good job io9ers!