All The Arrow, Flash, Gotham & Constantine News and Trailers

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Saturday night at Comic-Con was host to DC's night of television, and, in addition to showing the pilots of The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham, DC discussed how each of those shows would take advantage of the huge world of comic book characters available to them. Plus, new trailers for all four shows!

Along with confirming with the end of the video above that Ra's al Ghul was going to be the main villain of Arrow season three, there was also the announcement that Ted Grant, AKA Wildcat, would be seen the season. And he'd have some interaction with Laurel Lance.

Constantine confirmed that they will have Papa Midnite and Jim Corrigan, AKA the Spectre, show up in the first season. They also said that the helmet of Dr. Fate, seen in the pilot, could lead to him showing up later down the line.

The Flash discussed, again, the coming of Robbie Amell as Firestorm and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. They also explained that the use of Clyde Mardon in the pilot means there's always the option to have his brother, Mark Mardon, show up as the Weather Wizard. Arrow teased Katan and Atom, Ray Palmer — which is how Emily Bett Rickards answered the question of "Felicity and Oliver or Felicity and Barry?" She said, "What about Ray Palmer? He's a man."

Gotham was the most tight-lipped, saying only that they want to slowly tease out their villains over the course of the season.


In addition to proving that his abs are real by taking off his shirt, Stephen Amell explained that the theme of Arrow season three was "Identity" and whether he could be Oliver Queen and the Arrow. "It's Arrow, but with a little more green," he said.

The Flash, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained that the vastly different tones between The Flash and Arrow was intentional because "we were very conscious of not wanting to do the same show twice." So, since Arrow has a "much darker quality to it," Flash is "lighter, brighter, and a little bit blue sky." As for the twist at the end of the pilot, Tom Cavanaugh could only say of his character, Tom Wells, "Sometimes, in the comic book world, people aren't what they appear to be. And this might be one of those instances."

While we know that Arrow and The Flash will crossover a lot, it was deemed a little difficult to cross over the non-CW shows, since Gotham's time period is a little uncertain. Gotham executive producer Bruno Heller said, "Never say never" but pointed out "If those two [Gotham and Constantine] worlds coincided, then it would work. But I'm not really sure of the chronology. Maybe Constantine is only five when Gotham takes place."