Illustration for article titled Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Ashore In Turkey, Current Whereabouts Unknown

A rare, two-headed dolphin calf was discovered on a beach in Dikili, Turkey last week – now local marine biologists are trying to track it down.


Photo Credit: Tugrul Metin/Associated Press

According to Akdeniz University marine biologist Mehmet Gokoglu, conjoined cetaceans like this one are rare. Original reports maintained the dolphins, which are estimated to be a year old, would be studied by researchers at Gokoglu's home institution. Gokoglu later clarified with the Associated Press that neither he nor his colleagues at the university know the dolphins' whereabouts, but would be interested in displaying the specimen (and, presumably, studying it), assuming they can locate it.


Here's hoping the dolphins wind up in good, respectful hands.

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