Ramsay Bolton Is a Leprechaun Now

“Yer a leprechaun, Ramsay.”
“Yer a leprechaun, Ramsay.”
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Game of Thrones and Marvel’s Inhumans star Iwan Rheon is heading into a new fantasy saga, one filled with gods and monsters. Starz has revealed that Rheon is joining season three of American Gods as a happy-go-lucky leprechaun. Just let that sink in.


In a post on Instagram, Starz confirmed that Rheon is the latest actor to sign onto the third season of American Gods. He’ll be playing a new character created for the show, Liam Doyle, who’s described by EW as “a charming, good-natured leprechaun” who tried to distance himself from the leprechaun way of life—coveting gold and rainbows, presumably—but ultimately gets pulled back in.

Liam Doyle’s debut is one of several changes coming to a show that’s already seen a hell of a lot of changes coming into its third season. The series has yet another new showrunner, with Charles Eglee taking the reins from Jesse Alexander. Alexander, you may recall, became the sole showrunner in season two, after creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left. Fuller and Green’s exit prompted some of the stars, notably Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth, to quit the show as well.

Joining Rheon in American Gods’ third season are Marilyn Manson as Viking death metal singer Johan Wengren, Danny Trejo and Dominique Jackson as alternate forms of Mr. World (otherwise played by Crispin Glover), Blyth Danner as the goddess Demeter, and Herizen Guardiola as the goddess Oshun. No expected premiere date has been announced yet.

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