Ramona Flowers' Mysterious Past Revealed!

Even after six books and an upcoming feature film, there's still a lot we don't know about Scott Pilgrim's mysterious lady love Ramona Flowers. Fortunately, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead helped us shed some light on Ramona's shadowy past.


Winstead explained that each cast member received a list from Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley detailing ten facts about their character that wasn't in the books or the film. Ramona's list described her pre-Toronto life:

It was just a lot about her childhood and her relationships that aren't talked about in the books and the movie that kind of shaped who she is. And it made me understand what a sort of sad character she is at the core and not so much bad-ass and mysterious and cool so much as just guarded because she's been through a lot of...you know.

Although Winstead wasn't sure how much she could reveal, we did manage to coax one detail out of her, in the video above.


What I want to know is why she requires her new boyfriend to deal with her past issues for her, instead of dealing with them herself? And since when has carrying emotional baggage from past relationships and immediately telling any potential new love interest to deal with this baggage for you become attractively mysterious? :P

I haven't actually read the comic books, but this is the question that comes to mind whenever I hear the plot described... Maybe it's explained in the books? It bugs me enough that I don't particularly feel an urge to read them, though... Maybe someone can explain why there's more to it than that?