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Ramez Naam's nanotech mind-control novel Nexus gets a movie deal

We loved Ramez Naam's novel Nexus, about a group of subversive grad students who invent a drug that allows you to run software in your brain. Now it may become a movie.

Deadline Hollywood has the story:

Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to Nexus, the science fiction novel by Ramez Naam. The project will be produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter through their Disruption label and Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin through their Protozoa banner. Negotiations are underway for the book to be adapted by Ari Handel and Mark Heyman. Handel is a longtime Aronofsky associate who co-wrote Aronofsky’s upcoming Biblical epic Noah, which Parent produced. Heyman wrote Aronofsky’s Black Swan and recently signed on to adapt the Franck Thilliez novel Syndrome E for Paramount and Indian Paintbrush.


Read more at Deadline Hollywood.

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Corpore Metal

And if Naam's book is bad, that doesn't necessarily mean that the movie might be. For example, although I've never read it, I've heard the book Gone With Wind was awful.