Ramez Naam's Apex Is The Winner Of The Philip K. Dick Award

Illustration for article titled Ramez Naams iApex/i Is The Winner Of The Philip K. Dick Award

Ramez Naam’s Nexus trilogy has been one really intriguing series of books, focusing on the intersection between humanity and cybernetics. Now, it’s taken home one of the genre’s major awards: the Philip K. Dick Award!

The award is handed out by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, for “distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States”.

Andrew Liptak is the former Weekend editor of io9/Gizmodo. He is the co-editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction and hails from Vermont.

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

I can’t imagine a more worthy winner. Naam prettymuch cornered the market on predicting the Networked Intelligence explosion that’s even now beginning to emerge. Plus, what could possibly be cooler than Buddhist monks perfecting gestalt consciousness?!