Ralph Breaks the Internet Had an Amazing Cut Cameo Planned Featuring the Golden Girls

Shank and her crew.
Shank and her crew.
Image: Disney

Everybody needs a friend.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Ralph Breaks the Internet co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston revealed what might be the best, and most tragically lost, cut cameo in the history of cameo-heavy-but-still-delightful films.

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So (very mild spoilers), one of the websites Ralph and Vanellope visit during their exploration of the world wide web is the real-life site OhMy.Disney.com, a Disney online destination with content based on the company’s entire catalog. According to the directors, this was fertile ground for a joke that was maybe a little too obscure to make the final cut.


“As we were studying the OhMy.Disney website … The Golden Girls were weirdly prominent throughout,” Johnston said. “They really lean in on that website to The Golden Girls. A lot of quizzes, a lot of lists…” So in an early animatic of the film, the Golden Girls themselves—Blance, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia—appeared in the scene.

“It was a little confusing,” added Moore. “If you were not familiar with the website, it was a bit confusing.”

“You’re asking my regrets when I’m on my deathbed?” Johnston is quoted as saying, with a smile “It’s that — that the Golden Girls are not in this movie.”

That’s an incredibly reasonable regret, honestly. If anyone deserves to be immortalized in the annals of postmodern CGI romps, it’s the Golden Girls. But, yeah, chances are no one would have gotten the joke.


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