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Vandal Savage Strikes In The First Trailer for Legends of Tomorrow

We got the briefest of glimpses for Legends of Tomorrow earlier this year, when Oliver and Barry teamed up to recruit a team of time-travelling superheroes and villains. But now we’ve got our first offical look at the series, and it’s looking amazing.


There’s a mix of old and new footage in here, but we get to meet the full team with some great shots—The Atom shrinking and growing to fight goons, Firestorm’s new costume, Captain Cold getting to wallop Ray in the face (because come on, wouldn’t he?) and the Hawks in action both against Savage’s forces and... each other? And then there’s Arthur Darvill pulling his best Doctor Who impression as Rip Hunter. Time travel! Timeline changes! The most oblique references to Batman and Superman in the CW universe ever! Oh, we can’t wait.


But before all that, Savage will make his debut in the upcoming Flash/Arrow crossover special. You can take a look at at next week’s “Heroes Join Forces” crossover event—including more Hawkpeople, more Vandal Savage, and way mo’ problems for Oliver and Barry—below:

It appears that we’re going to get to see a lot of Vandal Savage’s past as an extra on Exodus: Gods and Kings a warlord, which makes sense, being as this is the big set-up for the Legends of Tomorrow. I would be annoyed, except that it’s always a good time when Ollie and Barry work together. Plus, the fact that both Hawkgirl and Hawkman are with them means there’s a lot of potential for Diggle to be completely boggled at everyone’s superpowers, and that’s always hilarious.

Legends of Tomorrow begins January 21st on the CW. Arrow and Flash’s crossover begins next week on December 1st.

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