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Rainn Wilson's version of Unsolved Mysteries will make you wish it was a real TV show

Remember Xanthony O'Harbinger, Rainn Wilson's Hugo Award-winning alter ego with Asimov's sideburns? As a promotion for the fantasy novel Wildwood, O'Harbinger has lent his considerable surliness to Riddles of the Paranormal, a TV program that exposes such mysteries "involuntary invisibility" and "fluoride."


The episode co-stars Portlandia's Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, plus the actual mayor of Portland, Sam Adams. Big ups to Aaron Stewart for alerting us to this awesomeness.

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"Coyotes bedecked in the regal pageantry of Hussars."

I hope this isn't a one-time promotion, and that Rainn Wilson and the other people responsible for these videos will offer their services to advertise other books written by writers who write truth in the genres of fantasy and occasionally science fiction, books that contain things that could be loosely construed as Riddles of the Paranormal.