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Banish your memories of jazz clubs, alien costumes and overcrowded movies; Sam Raimi has learned from the busy mess that was Spider-Man 3 and promises that the next movie will be all about the man who gets the whole thing named after him.


Talking to MTV, Raimi dodged the question of which Marvel villain will appear in Spider-Man 4 by pointing out that, really, it's all about Peter Parker:

"I've talked with David about a possible villain, villains, villain-ess... [We've spoken] about who knows what Spider-Man's conflicting personas would be... I'm trying to, with the writer, find Peter Parker's story primarily [a]nd find the right conflict for him to come up against. So that either he can grow as a human being and overcome this thing, or perish. It's more about finding the villain that represents the best story for Peter.


Three movies in, we're even more convinced that the right things to help Peter grow as a human being are extra arms. Give us the Lizard and Morbius already.

Sam Raimi Talks ‘Spider-Man 4' Villain Possibilities - But Will He Go Obscure? [MTV Splash Page]

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