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While a pair of doll-like creatures pick through an apocalyptic junkyard, a monstrous automaton stalks them, intent on capturing their souls. Next year, Shane Acker’s Oscar-winning animated short 9 gets the feature length treatment, backed by the voice work of Elijah Wood, Martin Landau, and Jennifer Connelly. The feature film promises to flesh out Acker’s world and show what becomes of humanity’s legacy after we are gone. Watch the original, haunting short below.The film will follow a team of the rag-doll creatures, which contain within them the last remnants of humanity, as they try to avoid the soul-stealing monster that destroyed the rest of their people. Wood will voice the titular “9,” and Landau, Connelly, Christopher Plummer, John C. Reilly, and Crispin Glover his fellow survivors. Acker plans to expand the universe of the original short, explaining how the rag dolls came to be, why the creatures hunt them, and what became of mankind. And like the short, the feature film will be computer animated, but styled to resemble stop motion animation.

9 Nine Shane Acker Short Animation
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