Rachel Weisz As Catwoman - Excuse Me I Just Passed Out

Holy sexiest woman in the world rumored to be the next slinky-outfitted, possibly lick-kissing Gotham villain. I'll file this away under "in your hottest of dreams." Get ready for the next bat-rumor.

According to E!'s Ted Casablanca's column (so take it with a pillar of salt) the gorgeous, classic Hollywood brunette Rachel Weisz is being considered for the role of Catwoman in the next Batman movie. Warners would not comment either way. But if you're out there Warners, please make this happen.


Weisz could pull off the crazy and the subtlety that is Catwoman, plus she would look amazing in catlike garb (see above).

I know it's too good to be true, there's no way in hell. But honestly this is one million times better than Cher, so at least they're stepped up in the rumor mill.

[The Awful Truth]

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