R2D2 heels probably don't spit out a tiny holographic Carrie Fisher, but they still rule

We've seen a lot of Star Wars shwag lately, but these DIY R2D2 high heels are still something special. Just imagine how excited all the Jawas in your life will be to see tiny astromech droids under your feet.

As Instructables explains:

The wide heel of these shoes was removed and replaced with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, but at a fraction of the size. An R2D2 toy covers the heel bolt, and the toes have been decorated with lenses, blue accents, and a blinking red LED to let everyone know just how this droid rolls.


Over at Instructables, there's a whole tutorial about how to make your very own Artoo footwear. Well worth the hours of work, just for the whoops (and beeps) of delight these babies will provoke, wherever you go.

[via Bonnie Burton]

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